10 Reasons to Buy a Premium WordPress Theme


If you have been searching for a WordPress theme, you will find that some are free, and some are premium. You will also have noticed that there is no shortage of free options, some of which look great. The big question is, why pay for a premium WordPress theme when free alternatives are available?

There is nothing inherently wrong with using a free theme. But you might miss out on some significant benefits if you go down the no-fee route. What’s more, the cost of a premium theme is relatively low.

So, you might want to consider these practical reasons to go premium before installing a free WordPress theme.

1. More Features

You will find that free themes have fewer features than premium ones. For example, there may only be a limited number of widgets, a single slider option, and no Gutenberg blocks.

Top-notch features like WooCommerce product builder, are available only in premium themes like Sedona Shop. This gives your business leverage and improves conversion rates which leads to higher sales.

Sedona Shop premium WordPress theme

Sedona Shop Premium WordPress theme

Additional features may be available if you upgrade to the premium version of the theme. But, otherwise, you will find features limited in free versions, which will mean you will need to use more plugins.

2. Regular Updates

You will receive regular updates for premium themes. These updates will maintain compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and may contain new features.

They will also help keep your site compatible with technological advances and web standards. However, you will only receive occasional updates with a free theme, or none whatsoever.

And, because the developer is not getting paid, updates, if they exist at all, will only cover the essentials.

3. Customization Options

Free themes are often the trial version of a premium version. To encourage people to upgrade, the developer will typically limit the customization options in the free software.

This lack of options may not be a significant issue when setting up a small blog or website. However, it won’t take long for you to wish that you had greater control over the appearance of your site.

4. Support

Premium themes will usually include technical support. Typically, you will get one year’s online support within the purchase price and an option to renew the service after that.

It may well be that you never need to use the support service. However, you will be glad of it if an issue does arise with the theme.

5. Security

WordPress websites are a prime target for hackers who constantly look for vulnerabilities to exploit. The updates provided with a premium theme will fix security vulnerabilities when they become known.

According to Search Engine Journal, data confirms a surge in WordPress security vulnerabilities. Even top plugins and themes are not spared.

However, the lack of updates with a free theme may leave your site vulnerable, and there will be no support should your site be hacked.

6. Search Engine Optimization

The developers of premium themes must compete with other suppliers. Consequently, there is an incentive to produce excellent software to beat the competition and gain more sales.

So, premium themes will typically offer more benefits. And one of the crucial benefits that will provide a competitive edge is advanced search engine optimization (SEO) features.

On the other hand, free themes are typically not as SEO-friendly as premium ones because there is no incentive to make them so.

7. Performance

Another benefit you will gain from a paid theme is enhanced performance. As page load times are becoming an increasingly critical search engine ranking factor, this is a significant advantage of paid options over free ones.

Ona one of the fastest WordPress themes

Ona fastest Full Site editing WordPress theme

To optimize your WordPress site for speed performance follow simple rules: good hosting, caching, fast theme, and use fewer plugins. For a more detailed guide check our comprehensive article on how to speed up your WordPress site.

8. Uniqueness

As already mentioned, free themes generally have fewer customization options, increasing the possibility that your site will look like another site.

Furthermore, a free theme is likely to have been used on hundreds of thousands of other websites. In a crowded digital space where brand differentiation is crucial, this lack of uniqueness could be an issue.

9. Future Proofing

A premium theme is more likely to come with cross-browser computability and comply with the latest web standards. Free themes may have started this way, but they will not be updated with the latest developments.

Consequently, you will need to change the theme to keep up with technology at some point.

10. Cost-effective

Premium themes cost money. However, the cost is insignificant compared to the benefits you gain. Indeed, according to hosting provider Kinsta, the average price of a premium theme, including support, is $57.54.

You would certainly pay far more to have a WordPress site written from scratch by a developer. So, overall, buying a premium theme is a cost-effective proposition.


To sum up, Premium WordPress themes off significant advantages over free ones for a relatively small price. You can get away with using a free theme.

But, as your website grows, you will probably find the need to upgrade. One last point to bear in mind, though; a price tag does not guarantee that the theme will be high-quality.

Consequently, it would be advisable to do your research and evaluate the free version, if there is one, before parting with your money.

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