Meridia WordPress Theme 2.0 Changes


Recently we’ve been working on improving Meridia Blogging WordPress theme even more. All the settings in the customizer has been rearranged, bringing more intuitive user experience and control over your website. We added 2 additional featured areas, new header, single post layout and much more. For the full list of changes, read changelog.txt located in the theme folder. In this article we will list all the major changes coming to Meridia 2.0.

How to update from version 1.1.5

Since Meridia 2.0 is a major version, we recommend you to backup your website first using any of the popular backup plugins. Also if you’ve done some customization in your customizer, such as fonts and colors, some of them might not behave the same way. Even though we tried our best to keep the old settings intact, some of them are renamed for better compatibility and user experience. After updating to 2.0 navigate to Appearance -> Customize and check each settings one by one and save the changes. If you are using any caching plugin they can still store old version of theme files, so you might need to purge cache.

New theme styles

Version 2.0 comes with the 5 pre-defined styles. Each style includes unique typography, colors and layout settings. We call them:


Featured area settings

In Meridia 2.0 additional 2 featured area layouts has been added – Center Slider and Masonry. Featured area now can fetch posts toggled as Featured Post using post metaboxes. For this you will need to install Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin bundled with the theme.

Featured area customizer settings

Featured Post metabox toggle

Post thumbnail proportions

We removed limit for featured images height giving you the ability to upload images with different proportions. It’s especially useful if you want to have vertical thumbnails for your posts. To apply it for your old posts use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. When installed and activated, navigate to Tools -> Regenerate Thumbnails and press Regenerate Thumbnails For The Featured Images Only.


Typography settings

All typography settings is now organized in panels and sections. You now can control global settings as well as the individual parts of the content. Single post headings as well as the small and large post titles can be controlled from Post Typography settings. To make it easier we give only important options.

General Typography

Posts Typography

Post layout settings

Version 2 brings additional single post layout with full-width image at the top of your content. You can set it as a global setting via Customize -> Layout -> Single Post as well as select layout for individual posts, using custom field settings.


Recipe plugin integration

Meridia 2.0 comes with a new recipe demo Katie and WP Recipe Maker plugin integration. This powerful plugin allows you to create recipes easily, it’s packed with a flexible settings and comes with JSON-LD schema support, which is good for SEO.


Overall, the whole code of Meridia was rewritten with the best coding and accessibility practices. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Download free version of Meridia or purchase Pro version to unlock all the possibilities of this amazing WordPress theme.

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