18+ Best Construction Company WordPress Themes.


When it comes to establishing an online presence for construction companies, the selection of the right WordPress theme plays a pivotal role.

This guide provides you with some of the best construction company WordPress themes to help you create a website that stands out in the competitive construction industry.

To launch a successful construction company website, selecting the right WordPress theme is crucial.

The theme you choose is more than just a visual dressing; it lays the foundation for your online presence and directly impacts how your audience interacts with your website.

An apt theme not only imparts a professional look to your construction website but also ensures it is navigable, responsive, and user-friendly.

The right choice of theme can significantly enhance a visitor’s journey through your site, resulting in better engagement rates and potentially higher conversions.

When selecting a new theme make sure you learn how to install a WordPress theme.

So, let’s dive in and explore the top themes with their features, pros, and cons.

Best Construction Company WordPress themes

1. Sedona

Sedona - The Best Construction Company WordPress Theme

The Sedona Construction Elementor WordPress theme is a robust and versatile solution designed specifically for construction businesses, architects, or any trade-related industry.

We picked Sedona as one of the best construction company WordPress themes. With an average 5-star rating and hundreds of happy customers, Sedona has proven itself to be another excellent WordPress theme for the construction companies sector.

It comes with pre-designed pages that are ready to customize with the Elementor page builder plugin, one of the most user-friendly, drag and drop builders available.

With Sedona, you can build dynamic construction company websites. You can showcase projects and services thanks to the custom Elementor widgets.

The theme offers a range of customization options that allow you to create a unique and professional-looking construction website without needing advanced coding skills.

It’s fully responsive, ensuring your site looks great on all devices, from mobiles to desktops. Superior performance, SEO optimization, and compatibility with a variety of premium plugins make Sedona an excellent choice for your business’s online presence.

Key features of Sedona Elementor Construction Theme

  • 4 unique home pages
  • Import demo content with One click demo import
  • Premium Elementor widgets
  • Set of premium icons (Save $47)
  • Multiple pre-built headers and footers

2. Wilmër

Wilmer - One of the Best Construction Company WordPress Themes

The Wilmer Construction WordPress Theme is a cutting-edge, dynamic solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of construction company businesses.

It is compatible with both WPBakery and Elementor, two highly sought-after drag-and-drop builders.

This theme boasts an impressive range of nine included homepages, providing an abundant choice for users to customize their website according to their specific branding and functional requirements.

It stands out for its clean, professional design that communicates reliability and competence, crucial for businesses in the construction sector.

This theme is designed to be mobile-responsive, an essential feature considering the growing proportion of mobile internet users worldwide.

The theme’s mobile responsiveness ensures an optimal viewing experience across different devices, thereby improving user engagement and potentially boosting your site’s SEO rankings.

The Wilmër theme offers an easy-to-navigate layout with organized headers and sections, contributing to an enhanced User Interface (UI).

It is equipped with customizable premade pages, which can be easily adjusted using the built-in page builder.

Moreover, Wilmër is also SEO optimized and compatible with multiple premium plugins, providing you with all the necessary tools to enhance your website’s functionality and overall online visibility.

Key features of Wilmër Elementor Construction Theme

  • Premium images are included
  • 20+ portfolio layouts
  • Compatible with WPBakery and Elementor page builder plugin
  • Child theme included

3. Construction

Construction - Construction Company WordPress Theme

The Construction WordPress theme is specifically designed to cater to the needs of construction companies and businesses associated with the building sector.

This robust and highly customizable theme offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a professional and user-friendly web presence.

Construction is powered by Elementor page builder, plus it supports Visual Composer. With Construction, you can create a fully responsive website that performs excellently across various devices, from desktops to smartphones.

This feature is critical in today’s digital landscape, where a significant percentage of internet users access websites via mobile devices.

In addition to its mobile responsiveness, the Construction theme supports SEO optimization, enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines and potential traffic.

It also features a well-structured layout with intuitive navigation, making it easier for your visitors to find the information they need.

As a cherry on top, the Construction theme is compatible with a wide array of premium plugins, allowing you to add various functionalities to your site as per your business requirements.

With Construction, creating a compelling online identity for your construction business website has never been easier.

Key features of Construction WordPress Theme

  • Supports Visual Composer & Elementor
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Bundled premium plugins included

4. Estand

Estand - Construction Roofing Plumbing Company WordPress Theme

Estand is a top-tier WordPress theme created with home maintenance and service businesses in mind.

This Elementor-based theme is both highly customizable and user-friendly, offering a range of features designed to enhance your online presence.

Estand is built for seamless compatibility with Elementor, one of the most popular page builder plugins, offering a drag and drop interface that makes website creation a breeze.

A key attribute of the Estand theme is its focus on mobile responsiveness, acknowledging the rise of mobile users in today’s internet landscape.

This mobile-first approach ensures that your website delivers optimal performance and user experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Moreover, Estand is equipped with SEO optimization capabilities, enhancing your website’s search engine visibility and driving increased organic traffic.

The theme also boasts an intuitive layout and easy navigation, enabling visitors to find relevant information quickly and effortlessly.

Further enhancing its appeal, Estand supports a range of premium plugins, empowering you to expand your site’s functionality as your business evolves.

In summary, the Estand Home Maintenance and Services Elementor WordPress Theme is a versatile, feature-rich solution that combines aesthetics, functionality, and performance, making it an excellent choice for businesses in the home maintenance and services industry.

Key features of Estand WordPress Theme

  • 4 headers and footers
  • Header and footer builder
  • 4 home demos
  • WooCommerce integration
  • 20+ Custom Elementor Widgets

5. RenoWise

RenoWise - Construction Renovation Company WordPress Theme

The RenoWise WordPress theme is another remarkable solution tailored for the home maintenance and services sector.

With a visually appealing design and a host of customizable features, RenoWise is built to impress and convert.

It offers seamless compatibility with the Bold Builder, giving you the freedom to design your own unique site using a simple drag and drop interface.

RenoWise prioritizes mobile responsiveness, understanding that a significant portion of web users now access websites via mobile devices.

This ensures that your website will perform excellently across all devices, delivering a top-quality user experience.

In addition, RenoWise is designed with SEO best practices in mind, thereby improving your website’s visibility on search engines and boosting organic traffic.

The theme’s layout promotes ease of navigation, allowing visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for, leading to higher visitor satisfaction and retention rates.

RenoWise also supports a plethora of premium plugins, allowing you to extend your website’s functionality as your business needs change.

To sum up, the RenoWise WordPress theme is a robust, highly customizable solution that perfectly marries aesthetics and functionality.

Its range of features and its focus on mobile responsiveness and SEO optimization make it an ideal choice for businesses in the home maintenance and services sector.

Key features of Renowise WordPress Theme

  • Cost Calculator included
  • Multiple header (including sticky header)
  • Powered by the drag and drop Bold page builder.

6. Bygge

Bygge - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Bygge is another outstanding WordPress theme tailored for the construction industry. Its design ethos is rooted in showcasing your construction or building services in a sophisticated, professional manner.

The theme is fully responsive, ensuring that your website looks flawless on any device, from mobile phones to large desktop monitors.

In the realm of SEO, Bygge doesn’t disappoint. The theme is designed with best SEO practices in mind, enhancing your website’s visibility in search engine results, and thus, increasing your site’s organic traffic.

Its user-friendly layout ensures visitors can effortlessly navigate your site, which can lead to improved user satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Bygge is built with the most popular Elementor page builder plugin, providing you with the freedom to customize your site to your brand’s preferences.

It also supports a range of premium plugins, enabling your website’s functionality to evolve alongside your business needs. It comes with exclusive Cowidgets for Elementor, Slider Revolution, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and Master Slider.

In essence, Bygge is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that couples functionality with minimalism.

Its multitude of features, mobile responsiveness, and SEO-optimized design make it a top-tier choice for businesses within the construction and building services sector.

Key features of Bygge WordPress Theme

  • Custom widgets for Elementor
  • Easy-To-Use Theme Options
  • Bundled premium plugins

7. Elevate

Elevate - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Elevate is a distinguished WordPress theme, meticulously crafted for construction companies. The theme stands out by implementing a striking balance between professional aesthetics and robust functionality.

Its design is fully responsive, facilitating a seamless and immersive viewing experience across devices of varying sizes.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Elevate stands on par with prevailing best practices, driving greater visibility on search engine results and consequently, boosting organic traffic.

The user-friendly interface enhances site navigation, potentially leading to greater user satisfaction and improved retention rates.

Elevate is powered by the Elementor drag and drop page builder, so editing content is a breeze. Furthermore, it supports a multitude of premium plugins, allowing your site functionality to grow in tandem with your business requirements.

In a nutshell, Elevate is a versatile and potent WordPress theme that masterfully blends aesthetics with functionality.

Its array of features, mobile responsiveness, and SEO-optimized design make it an exceptional choice for businesses operating in the construction and building services domain.

Key features of Elevate WordPress Theme

  • Child theme included
  • 30+ Inner Pages Included
  • 5 Header and 3 Footer Layouts

8. Constructo

Constructo - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Constructo is a modern and sleek WordPress theme, perfect for businesses in the construction industry.

It boasts a clean and professional design that exudes sophistication and competence. The theme is fully responsive, ensuring your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices.

This WordPress theme comes with a One Click Demo Import highly beneficial feature known as the ‘One Click Demo Import’.

With just a single click, users can import the entire demo content, including pages, posts, sliders, widgets, and theme settings.

It also provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site and find the information they need.

One of the standout features of Constructo is its compatibility with popular page builder plugins such as WPBakery, allowing you to customize your site without any coding knowledge.

It also supports various premium plugins, giving you the flexibility to add advanced features and functionalities to your site.

Overall, Constructo is a reliable and elegant WordPress theme that caters specifically to construction businesses.

Its design, SEO optimization, and customization options make it a top choice for those looking to create a professional and modern website for their construction company. So why wait? Elevate your online presence with Constructo today.

Key Features of Constructo Construction business WordPress theme.

  • Works with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Unlimited color and font customization
  • 11 pre-made demos

9. StructurePress

Constructo - Construction Company WordPress Theme

StructurePress is a modern WordPress theme that caters to construction, architecture, and engineering businesses. Its clean design and responsive layout ensure your website looks great on all devices, providing a seamless user experience for visitors.

One of the standout features of StructurePress is its drag and drop page builder functionality, allowing you to easily customize your site without any coding knowledge.

It also comes with a variety of pre-made templates and layout options, making it easy to create a unique and professional website for your business.

In terms of functionality, StructurePress offers various useful features such as project portfolios, team member profiles, and service listings. It also includes advanced customization options for colors, fonts, and page layouts.

Key features of StructurePress WordPress Theme

  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Portfolios and services
  • Translated into 14 languages
  • 15+ custom widgets

10. BuildPress

Buildpress - Construction Company WordPress Theme

With over 7,700+ sales BuildPress WordPress theme by ProteusThemes is a premier WordPress solution designed specifically for construction and building businesses.

It champions a professional, clean aesthetic, ensuring your services and projects take center stage. The theme is fully responsive, guaranteeing an excellent user experience on any device, from desktop to mobile.

In line with modern SEO practices, BuildPress is coded for optimal search engine performance. This means your website will stand a better chance of appearing in search results and attracting more organic traffic.

The layout is intuitive, making it easy for visitors to navigate and locate the information they seek, resulting in improved user satisfaction and higher retention rates.

BuildPress is compatible with a range of popular page builder plugins, including Visual Composer and Site Origin, enabling you to easily customize your website to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Plus, it supports a variety of premium plugins, allowing you to expand your site’s capabilities as your business evolves — be it the addition of an e-commerce component or a project portfolio.

The BuildPress includes a premium Essential Grid Gallery plugin, one of the most advanced gallery plugins for WordPress. It allows you to compose awesome portfolio grid layouts with ease.

To sum it up, the BuildPress Construction WordPress theme is a formidable, adaptable WordPress solution that perfectly balances functionality and visual appeal.

With its vast array of features, focus on mobile responsiveness and SEO-friendly design, it is an excellent choice for businesses in the construction and building services industry.

Key features of BuildPress WordPress Theme

  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Premium plugins included
  • Real-time WordPress Customizer
  • WooCommerce compatible

11. Renovate

Renovate - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Renovate is a flexible construction company theme designed specifically for construction, renovation, and home improvement companies.

Its modern and clean design combined with its powerful features makes it a top choice for those in the construction industry.

One of the standout features of Renovate is its advanced project management system, allowing you to easily showcase your completed projects and services.

It also includes a built-in cost calculator, making it easier for potential clients to get an estimate for their project.

Renovate also offers a user-friendly page builder, giving you full control over the design and layout of your website. It also includes various customization options for colors, fonts, and page layouts.

Key features of Renovate Construction WordPress Theme

  • Compatible with WPBakery, Visual Composer, and Gutenberg
  • Highly customizable 50+ content elements
  • Advanced theme options

12. Construction Landing Page

Construction Landing Page - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Construction Landing Page is a free WordPress theme developed by RaraThemes. The Construction Landing Page WordPress theme is a robust and versatile solution designed to meet the multifaceted needs of construction-based businesses.

The free quotation form in the hero section can help you engage with the visitors and capture valuable leads.

One of its notable features is its compatibility with WooCommerce, empowering businesses to set up an online shop directly on the website.

This seamless integration of eCommerce functionality can significantly enhance the user experience and potentially boost conversion rates.

Moreover, the theme allows for the display of projects, service boxes, and calls to action. These features facilitate the showcasing of your work portfolio and services offered, creating a compelling visual appeal that can engage visitors and potential clients.

Simultaneously, strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons can guide users through the sales funnel, increasing the likelihood of customer acquisition.

Custom widgets are another standout feature the Construction Landing Page theme offers. These can be utilized to add additional functionality and design elements to the website, such as social media icons and popular posts.

By enhancing the site’s interactivity and providing personalized user experiences, these custom widgets can significantly contribute to improving user engagement rates.

In conclusion, the Construction Landing Page WordPress theme offers a comprehensive solution for construction businesses, providing a range of customizable features to enhance your website’s functionality, user experience, and online visibility.

Key features of Construction Landing Page

  • Custom widgets
  • Lead magnet, quotation form
  • Projects, service boxes and call to actions sections
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

13. Builty

Builty - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Builty construction company WordPress theme stands as a versatile solution for various business needs, combining sleek design and powerful functionality.

It is fully compatible with WPML, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to reach a global audience. This feature allows for seamless translation of your site content, hence ensuring your message reaches non-English speakers effectively.

Moreover, Builty offers compatibility with two of the most popular WordPress plugins – Elementor and WooCommerce. With Elementor, you can utilize drag-and-drop functionality to design your webpage layouts without the need for coding knowledge.

On the other hand, the integration with WooCommerce enables you to set up an online store within your website, expanding your business horizons.

The theme provides multiple project layouts, offering you the flexibility to showcase your work in the most fitting and attractive manner. It sets the stage for creativity, enabling you to impress potential clients with a unique and personalized portfolio.

A unique feature that sets Builty apart is the estimated calculator pop-up. This tool allows customers to get a quick estimate of the cost of a project, enhancing user experience and facilitating faster decision-making.

Complementing these features is a set of creative and modern inner pages. These pre-designed templates can save you significant time and effort, providing a professional and cohesive look to your website.

With Builty, you can effectively enhance your online presence while ensuring an approachable and user-friendly interface for your visitors.

Key features of Builty WordPress theme

  • Compatible with WPML
  • Compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Multiple project layouts
  • Estimated calculator pop-up
  • Header and footer builder

14. Koncrete

Koncrete - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Koncrete from RadiusTheme is yet another construction company WordPress theme. It is a perfect fit for contractors, construction companies, and industrial businesses.

Koncrete is built on top of the popular page builder plugin Elementor. This compatibility gives you the liberty to tailor your website design to your brand identity.

It supports a plethora of premium plugins that can extend your site’s functionality as per your evolving business needs.

With Koncrete, expect a myriad of features that include but are not limited to a variety of inner pages, WordPress customizer, 4 pre-built home demos, and 8 different header styles.

These features, combined with mobile responsiveness and an SEO-friendly design, make Koncrete an excellent choice for companies in the construction industry. Embrace Koncrete to give your site the foundation it needs to build a strong digital presence.

Key features of Koncrete WordPress theme

  • Elementor page builder
  • Variety of inner pages
  • WordPress customizer
  • 4 pre-built home demos
  • 8 different header styles

15. Structure

Structure - Construction Company WordPress Theme

The Structure WordPress theme stands as a robust and versatile solution, specifically designed for construction and building businesses.

Integrated with premium plugins, Structure allows users to supercharge their websites with advanced features and functionalities, enhancing the overall user experience.

It boasts a collection of 15 unique homepages, offering a wide array of design options that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences.

One significant feature of the Structure theme is its One Click Demo Import, providing an effortless method for setting up your site. With just a single click, you can import all the demo content and settings, paving the way for a swift and convenient site setup experience.

Structure also integrates the WPBakery page builder plugin. This powerful tool empowers users to create and customize their web pages with ease, providing a drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for any coding knowledge.

In addition, the theme comes equipped with a Mega Menu, an extensive navigation tool that enhances your website’s usability. It’s perfect for sites with a large number of pages, providing visitors with an organized and easy-to-navigate menu system.

Lastly, the Structure WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready. This feature enables you to set up an online store directly on your site, making it easy to sell products or services.

With its eCommerce compatibility, you can seamlessly convert your regular site into a fully-functional online store.

In conclusion, the Structure WordPress theme, with its comprehensive features and functionalities, provides a solid platform for construction and building businesses to establish an impactful online presence.

Key features of Structure WordPress theme

  • Integrated premium plugins
  • 15 homepages
  • One click demo import
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Mega menu
  • WooCommerce ready

16. Konstruktion

Konstruktion - Construction Company WordPress Theme

The Konstruktion WordPress theme stands as an excellent choice for a construction company website. This flexible construction WordPress theme comes with a myriad of features that make it stand out as an ideal option for construction and building businesses.

One of the highlights of this theme is that it includes premium images. This means that you will have access to high-quality images that can add a touch of professionalism and visual appeal to your site, without having to source them separately.

Built with Elementor and Elementor Pro, Konstruktion provides an intuitive and user-friendly environment to construct and customize your web pages.

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to design your site to your preference without the need for advanced coding skills.

Further enhancing its customization capabilities, the theme comes with a header and footer builder. This allows you to design the top and bottom sections of your web pages, ensuring seamless branding across your site.

With 30+ pre-designed inner pages, setting up your site becomes even more effortless. These templates save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on fine-tuning the details to match your brand’s identity.

The Konstruktion theme is also RTL and translation-ready, making it a perfect choice for businesses that cater to an international audience. This feature ensures that your site is accessible and user-friendly, irrespective of the language preference of your visitors.

In conclusion, the Konstruktion WordPress theme is a comprehensive solution for businesses in the construction and building industry, offering an easy way to build a construction company website.

Key features of Konstruktion WordPress theme

  • Premium images included
  • Built with Elementor and Elementor Pro
  • Header & footer builder
  • 30+ pre-designed inner pages
  • RTL and translation ready

17. Construction Light

Construction Light - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Construction Light is a free construction company WordPress theme. With over 3000+ active installs this theme is a perfect choice for a construction company website.

With 30+ unique sections and 18+ demos readily available, this theme provides a highly customizable platform that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

What makes Construction Light stand out is its compatibility with Elementor, one of the most advanced WordPress website builders in the market.

This enables you to have full control over your website’s layout and design, offering unparalleled flexibility and creativity.

Another distinguishing feature is the WordPress Customizer, a built-in tool that allows you to tweak your site’s appearance and functionality in real-time.

With Construction Light, creating a visually stunning, professional, and user-friendly website for your construction business is both effortless and efficient.

Key features of Construction Light WordPress theme

  • 30+ unique sections
  • 18+ demos
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • WordPress Customizer

18. Solid Construction

Solid Construction - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Solid Construction is a robust, professional WordPress theme catering specifically to the construction industry.

This theme ensures that your construction website is mobile-responsive, catering to the increasing number of users accessing the internet through their smartphones.

This theme is packed with powerful theme options, giving you the flexibility and control to customize your website to showcase your brand’s unique identity.

With the Featured Page Slider, you can highlight the most significant content or posts you’re most proud of right on the homepage, thus enticing your visitors as soon as they land on your site.

The inclusion of a Portfolio Module allows you to regularly organize and display your completed projects, providing a visual testament to your prowess and capabilities.

The Services and Testimonials segment lends credibility to your work, displaying reviews from past clients and presenting an overview of your services.

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of the Solid Construction theme is its readiness for WooCommerce.

This means that your construction business isn’t just limited to showcasing its works and services – with the Pro version, you can seamlessly set up an online store to sell construction-related products or services.

This theme truly brings solidity not just in its aesthetic presentation but also in functionality and in opening up new business avenues

Key features of Solid Construction WordPress theme

  • Powerful theme options
  • Featured page slider
  • Portfolio module
  • Services and testimonials
  • WooCommerce ready (pro)


In conclusion, the best construction company WordPress themes, such as Sedona, are more than just a visual treat – they are comprehensive toolkits designed to enhance your online presence.

They come equipped with various features like powerful theme options, featured page sliders, and portfolio modules, all structured to showcase your work impeccably.

Features like services and testimonials add authenticity to your brand, and WooCommerce readiness opens up new opportunities for your business.

Therefore, selecting a robust, feature-rich theme can be a game-changer, significantly simplifying the process of establishing your digital footprint in the construction industry.

To build a successful construction website, you need to ensure that it is optimized for both form and functionality. That’s where construction company WordPress themes come in handy.

These themes are customized to cater to the specifics of the construction business, making them an ideal choice for professionals seeking a versatile, effective, and comprehensive solution for their online needs.

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