How to switch WordPress website from http to https

Today’s quick tutorial is How to switch WordPress website from http to https. If you don’t know yet, Google will penalize non-secure websites if they can’t provide https connection. Additionally it can badly affect your website User Experience. Fortunately, most of the hosting providers can provide you a SSL certificate, sometimes even free. So first we need to get SSL certificate. Open your hosting cPanel and check for the SSL certificate, usually it’s on the domains tab. Just follow the steps to get your SSL certificate. But even after receiving certificate you might not have the magic green lock on the address bar.

I have SSL certificate, but my connection still not secure.


If you’re using WordPress and facing this problem, here is the quick fix. First, check you General settings and change the URL from http to https.


But even after this you might see non-secure connection. So the trick here is that some of your images might still be loading over HTTP. Open you browser console (F12) if you a Chrome user and you’ll see yellow warnings. Here I have 3 images loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS. To fix that we need to re-upload these images.


First 2 images are from About me widget and the last is logo, uploaded via WordPress Customizer. Just re-upload image in widget and you’ll see https in URL. Save your widget and move on to the next part.


Open WordPress customizer and re-upload your logo.


Enjoy your https secure connection

If you’ve done everything correctly you’ll see the green lock in address bar, it means that your connection is fully secure 😉 If you want to read more about SSL certificates and why it’s important, here is more detailed guide.


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