How new trends can destroy your website user experience.

Today is a quick tutorial about how new trends can destroy your website user experience. We all know these fancy full-screen searches on websites, right?

It looks trendy and fresh on desktops and laptops, the screen goes black, so you can focus on typing your search request. But when it comes to mobile and tablets that is where the problems appear. As you can see I can’t even see what I’m typing 🙂


Here is the list of problems:

  1. You can’t see what you’re typing.
  2. You can’t understand how to close it
  3. If you type something and then scroll the page it can completely disappear 🙂

How to avoid it?

It’s pretty simple. Don’t follow fancy trends without thinking about your Users. If you want to use some trendy feature, test it first, see how your users react on this. This is where User Testing comes in play. Also check other articles about UX.

What is good User Experience

For example that is how the search looks on iPad in our WordPress theme Deoblog. It’s working very smooth, right? I can see what I’m typing and how to close the search. Great UX.



Trends are definitely good, they help you to stand out from competition and look modern. But don’t forget to test your website on a different devices and think about your users first.

That’s all for today. Share, subscribe, stay tuned 🙂

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